The Wood-Shop

A few of you may know already that we plan on opening a brick and mortar later this year. As exciting as this sounds there is a lot of work that goes into owning your own business, a lot of work!!! Did I mention A LOT of work?! To begin this process we needed a permeant wood-shop for Michael, so the past few weeks this is exactly what we have been doing.

Michael got a great deal on a  used metal building, which just so happens to be a building that was already in his family. Along with his dad, they took it down piece by piece. A few injuries may have been involved in this process but after a quick trip to the dr clinic, everyone is well!

This is how the shop looked when we first bought it.
Michael’s dad, Big, working hard taking the building down.

We had to clear out an area for the new (new to us) shop, we relocated our wood-shop to our place at Crossover Creek. Next was dirt work and concrete, Michael got to help out a little with the dirt work. Just between you and me, I think his beard grew a little longer that day! He takes pride in working hard and I appreicate the drive this guy has, none like any other!

Clearing of the land. Getting ready for the shop.
Michael working on some dirt work with Mr. Billy giving direction.
Even Waverly got in on all the hard work!

Getting the shop transported was another story, thanks to the help from my dad’s crew and my family’s sod trucks, made it a breeze.

Sod truck moving the wood shop to Crossover Creek.

Reassembly was next, Michael even had myself lifting metal beams wayyyyyy above my head. ¬†Lets just say I lasted one day and that was it, Michael’s dad came to the rescue. Praise the Lord! So once again piece by piece each one went up and slowly but surely the wood-shop came to life. This building has been an answered prayer, we needed so desperatly a place for Michael to build out of and I love knowing I can walk just down the drive way with a fresh glass of lemonade to my mountain man husband.

Putting the pieces back together.
Up and ready to go! Next up, gravel and lots of farm tables!!

From our barn to yours….

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