The Store

Demo has officially began at the store. We had our first demo day last week and boy was it work. We started out taking down all the old and I mean old insulation. Maybe it wasn’t old,  maybe it was just in really really really bad shape,  either way it had to go. My awesome sister-in-law, Megan, had the idea to take it all down and just leave the ceiling open to see all the wood rafters. It was a great suggestion and glad we followed through with the work. It really made a huge difference.

Front of the building. Still deciding what color paint for the front entrance.
The horrible insulation before we took it all down.
Halfway through the process. 
In case you are wondering, this is what you wear when you are dealing with insulation… or to take a quick trip to see the moon! 

Next we tackled the upstairs, well Michael actually got to tackle this all on his own. Waverly had a Dr’s appointment that day, therefore, I missed out on all the fun. The upstairs had lots of junk. A few good finds but mainly junk. We will use the upstairs for extra storage and possibly an office.

Everything that came down from upstairs. 
This was a cool find!!
After we took all the insulation down from the ceiling. Love the beautiful old wood!!
The upstairs after it was cleaned up a bit. We were tickled to find hardwood floors!!

Next up on the to-do list will be a good cleaning, trim work,  some fresh paint, and maybe a few other surprise projects for Michael.

Until next time…


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