Our Summer

So a lot has happened since my last post., more renovations on the upcoming store, orders have been delivered, vacations are underway and our one toothed little person is now 10 months old!

Wow, where has the summer gone? When I hear my MIL and SIL talk about going back to school, it almost makes me want to cringe, even though, I don’t have children in school, I guess it just makes me realize summer is almost OVER! Our target “month” for the Raw store opening is August, therefore, I realize my little world will be okay again.  We haven’t set an exact date yet but our hope is August!

As far as renovations go, we have done a little painting on the inside, done some major cleaning, and we put up our store front sign! We still have a few more projects left at the store until its complete, but like Michael said, it’s starting to look more like a store.

Had to get rid of the bright blue and orange, see here for the before.

Big and Michael hanging our general store sign. Gaga, who is my awesome talented mother-in-law, painted on an old piece of barn wood that came straight from her parents land in Walnut, MS.
We love our store letters but what I love even more is the conversation on the front porch.


We also have been working on inventory, some new things I can’t wait for y’all to see in person. We also will be carrying some awesome local vendors, we are excited to bring their work to Tupelo. More on them to come.

Megan, also known as Mae Mae, also known as Michael’s litle sister, is pretty talented with a paint brush. This sign, along with many others will soon find their way to the store.
Gaga also has lots of hidden talents and she whipped these pillows up in no time. What can I say, there must be some talent in this little ole Gibson family. Now if it would only rub off on the daughter-in-law, then we would be in business.


Aside from business we have been gardening and enjoying fresh picked vegatables, chasing a little brown haired crawler who is getting faster by the minute, doctoring snake bitten dogs (Daisy is much better now) and enjoying vacations with all of our family members.

I have learned that I like playing in the dirt. This wasn’t always the case growing up. My mom has had a garden for as long as I can remember, I never had much to do with it but over the past few years my interest has grown! Literally! There is just something about farm to table, especially when it’s from your own.
Kinda blurry but this is just how we operate these days. Fast and blurry!


These were taken a few days ago, Wavey Mae’s first plane ride. Headed to meet about 50 members of Michael’s family in Texas! She was a champ, slept both flights.

Summer is one of my favorite seasons for lots of reasons but I must say I am pretty excited about the next Season to come.

Until next time…




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