New Year.

Michael and I just got back from market and we absolutely can’t wait to show you all the awesome products we found. We picked up some leather good items, paper products, home decor and we even found a jewelry line. Everything is made here in the USA and we couldn’t be more proud of the artisans designing and creating these products. We will be posting pictures as things come in so be sure and be on the look out!

While at market we were able to discuss some exciting things for 2018 that we would like to bring to the general store. Sometimes so many ideas come to our minds that I get overwhelmed and think how in the wold can we accomplish all this, I mean it is just the two of us. ¬†Then I am reminded of God’s direction and guidance. My prayer for this new adventure we started last year is to always follow the path God directs down and to be in the center of his will. ¬†Another prayer is to have the courage and strength to remain in the center of his will, no matter how scary it may seem. God wants to get us out of our comfort zone in order for us to allow him into our lives so we will depend on him. After I am reminded of all this, I then feel calm again and just breathe! One day at a time.

I am anxious to be starting a new year at Raw Furniture Co. We absolutely can not thank all of our customers enough. Our expectations were blown out of the water for 2017, I can’t imagine what will come in 2018.

Until next time,

from our barn to yours…

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