“Live Simple”

I never realized it but these two words speak so much truth to me these days. I never knew I would want to be the one to live a  simple life. Now I don’t mean to say simple and to say the purpose of our life has no big significant meaning. As a Christian I believe we where most defiantly put here for a purpose, to honor and serve our Lord and to share his word with others.  Fulfilling this  purpose is defiantly an honored life to live.

What I am talking about is living a life where everything doesn’t have to be a big show. A life where you don’t have to post every moment on social media. A life with quiet moments (my life could stand for a few more of  these) and no distractions. A life where all the little things mean the world to you and you see what truly counts. A life where you appreciate what you have and don’t take things for granted (this is something I have learned over a course of years). A life spent with your loved ones, not because you were forced but because you truly want to. A life where you stop and  really take in the moment, because it’s a moment you never want to forget. A life where you are in the present and not stuck in some electronic device.

Now I know this kind of life can be hard to obtain at certain times in our lives but over the past few years it has really hit me that I seek for a simple life. I never realized it until the past year or so. When I was younger I was ready for the next best thing, I couldn’t wait for a party or event to take place or to go on the next trip. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a fun trip but my most absolute favorite place is at home with my little family. We don’t have a big fancy house, in fact we live in a barn but it’s a place we call our home. In fact I love our barn, it’s simple but has so much character at the same time. I love a home you can actually “live” in, it’s not a place where we keep fine china (we actually don’t even own that stuff) it’s a place we can be relaxed in. It’s a place if the floor gets scratched or a piece of furniture gets a ding then we actually love it even more, we just say it adds character.  I have just come to realize I enjoy the simple things in life verses what I call the complicated.

If this is not the life you like to live then that’s A-OK, nothing wrong in that. That just means you and I are different. That’s what makes this world go around, other than the Lord himself!  However don’t let it stop you from taking a deep breath every now and then and enjoying the very moment you are in. Oh and one more thing, I have to tell myself a lot of times to take a deep breath!!

Until next time,

from our barn to yours….


*Thanks Clairmont Co for the reminder to” live simple”. Yes we do sell these signs in the general store, come see for yourself!

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