Easter Weekend

Easter Fun Day was a success thanks to all the parents and little ones coming out. I had prayed earlier that morning for a good day and I didn’t mean in sales but just all around good day, so thank you Lord for a sunny, warm, day that was filled with lots of smiles (some cries from little ones like my own who are not fans of the Easter bunny) and good company.

One of the things I love most about our little store is seeing our family, friends and neighbors all coming together. I love seeing people gather together in a laid back, stress free atmosphere and just hanging out. At one point I saw 4 babies in the store and 3 out of the 4  were getting fed their bottles, I absolutely love that we have friends/customers who feel this comfortable and want to chill in our store. This is exactly what we wanted when we opened, we want people to realize there is an importance in slowing down and taking time away from electronics and just being present in that exact moment.

Here are a few pictures from the Easter Fun Day, thank you all for sharing and posting, we loved getting to see how you enjoyed the day.

We enjoy events like these so much that we have already been discussing other ideas to gather together. We can’t wait to share them with you!

Until next time

From our barn to yours,


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