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Jones Bench

This bench was made sturdy enough to hold several adults and then some while keeping the traditional farmhouse look. It was built using 2”x2” solid pine post with a 2”x15”x7’ slab of pine on top. We love all the knots, imperfections, and cuts that jump out on this piece. Every piece has its own character and marks, and to us that’s what makes doing what we do so unique.

Camille Farm Table

This is by far one of the heaviest tables I have ever built. As can be seen in the beginning phases of this construction, the 4’x4’ reclaimed posts were designed to give a heavy masculine base while staying true to its farm table roots. The posts were lightly sanded while still allowing their old age to show through. The tabletop was stained before several coats of varnish were applied. I know many meals will be enjoyed around this table and it will last to be passed down through the generations.

Camille Coffee Table

This was the first custom coffee table I built and the second in the “Camille” collection. This was a follow-up piece for the same family that requested the custom “Camille” Farm Table. It is a two-tier pine coffee table with 4’x4’ reclaimed posts. The goal for this piece was to incorporate the same reclaimed posts of the farm table while maintaining a heavy worn feel.

Hodge Farm Table 

The original Hodge Farm Table was made with the main
goal of maximizing seating. This big guy was made for a family lake house and can comfortably sit up to 12 people. The pedestal base is made of 4”x4” reclaimed wood posts to help support the thick 2” table top boards which were cut from a local sawmill in Mississippi. As shown in the pictures, we can build this piece in a variety of sizes and colors depending on your individual space and style.


Herndon Kids Farm Table

This was a special build because it was a Christmas present for my nephews, Gunnar & Gibson Herndon. If you have ever met or come across these two you will understand why this table needed to be sturdy and heavy, despite its smaller size! Not only is it made to accommodate meals for the boys and their friends but also has 2 benches that are made to slide under the table to help maximize space.

Nannie Hutch

This piece has got some years on her, or at least that was the look I was going for when building it. Nannie was my great grandmother that unfortunately I was never able to meet, but her name is often brought up in most of our family gatherings. This is because we still use a salad dressing recipe that she created several moons ago. When I envision what her home would have looked like, I can see a piece just like this snuggled up to a wall. Even though we never met, I only found it fitting that this piece be named after her.

Folgers Breakfast Table

This table was built using metal piping and old pine boards. It is counter height and has industrial saddle benches to give this family of four their own place to grab an early morning breakfast before heading off to work or school. The light stain went well with all the metal accents used in building the table and benches. Couldn’t help but name this after my favorite red-labeled coffee brand. – Michael Gibson

Waverly Crib

This is a first time build for me, and I was excited to get started on it for several reasons. First, this is a place for the newest addition to a family. Second, this is something that typically can be passed down generation-to-generation. Thirdly, a very special client placed this order. She just happens to be my wife. You can only imagine how excited I was to begin work on this piece. I have designed and built many favorites, but this is by far the most special. I felt it only appropriate to name this piece after my daughter, Waverly.

Duncan Toy Box

This was a fun project for me. Not only did the person who placed the order happen to have the last name Duncan, (like the toy store in the Home Alone II Movie) but I got to build it for Christmas. This big boy (or should I say girl) is made of pine and was custom built for its size to hold a LOT of toys and Barbie dolls. Also a little different spelling but as you can see by the name of the child it was hard for me not to play Eric Clapton at all times during this project!