The Store

Demo has officially began at the store. We had our first demo day last week and boy was it work. We started out taking down all the old and I mean old insulation. Maybe it wasn’t old,  maybe it was just in really really really bad shape,  either way it had to go. My awesome sister-in-law, Megan, had the idea to take it all down and just leave the ceiling open to see all the wood rafters. It was a great suggestion and glad we followed through with the work. It really made a huge difference.

Front of the building. Still deciding what color paint for the front entrance.
The horrible insulation before we took it all down.
Halfway through the process. 
In case you are wondering, this is what you wear when you are dealing with insulation… or to take a quick trip to see the moon! 

Next we tackled the upstairs, well Michael actually got to tackle this all on his own. Waverly had a Dr’s appointment that day, therefore, I missed out on all the fun. The upstairs had lots of junk. A few good finds but mainly junk. We will use the upstairs for extra storage and possibly an office.

Everything that came down from upstairs. 
This was a cool find!!
After we took all the insulation down from the ceiling. Love the beautiful old wood!!
The upstairs after it was cleaned up a bit. We were tickled to find hardwood floors!!

Next up on the to-do list will be a good cleaning, trim work,  some fresh paint, and maybe a few other surprise projects for Michael.

Until next time…


The Wood-Shop

A few of you may know already that we plan on opening a brick and mortar later this year. As exciting as this sounds there is a lot of work that goes into owning your own business, a lot of work!!! Did I mention A LOT of work?! To begin this process we needed a permeant wood-shop for Michael, so the past few weeks this is exactly what we have been doing.

Michael got a great deal on a  used metal building, which just so happens to be a building that was already in his family. Along with his dad, they took it down piece by piece. A few injuries may have been involved in this process but after a quick trip to the dr clinic, everyone is well!

This is how the shop looked when we first bought it.
Michael’s dad, Big, working hard taking the building down.

We had to clear out an area for the new (new to us) shop, we relocated our wood-shop to our place at Crossover Creek. Next was dirt work and concrete, Michael got to help out a little with the dirt work. Just between you and me, I think his beard grew a little longer that day! He takes pride in working hard and I appreicate the drive this guy has, none like any other!

Clearing of the land. Getting ready for the shop.
Michael working on some dirt work with Mr. Billy giving direction.
Even Waverly got in on all the hard work!

Getting the shop transported was another story, thanks to the help from my dad’s crew and my family’s sod trucks, made it a breeze.

Sod truck moving the wood shop to Crossover Creek.

Reassembly was next, Michael even had myself lifting metal beams wayyyyyy above my head.  Lets just say I lasted one day and that was it, Michael’s dad came to the rescue. Praise the Lord! So once again piece by piece each one went up and slowly but surely the wood-shop came to life. This building has been an answered prayer, we needed so desperatly a place for Michael to build out of and I love knowing I can walk just down the drive way with a fresh glass of lemonade to my mountain man husband.

Putting the pieces back together.
Up and ready to go! Next up, gravel and lots of farm tables!!

From our barn to yours….



My name is Andrea Gibson and along with my bearded husband we own RAW FURNITURE CO. I hope to use this blog to keep you updated on all the crazy projects I let my husband talk me into and our simple country “barn” life. But for now I will just tell you a little about ourselves and how RAW came about.

It all started shortly after we married, we were living in a small zero lot line house in Saltillo, MS. A few months before we had wed, I moved back home from attending college at the Art Institute in Atlanta, GA. Michael was getting settled into his new home he had purchased prior to “us”. We were married in November of 2010, myself and along with all my luggage headed to that zero lot line house. As excited, as I was to marry the love of my life, I had never lived in a neighborhood but as long as I was with him it didn’t really matter.

Not too long into our marriage Michael mentioned the word “moving”, that seemed exciting to me, maybe a bigger house and defiantly a bigger lot. So we gave it some thought, and after a year of searching for what we thought we wanted, Michael had another idea. “Hey lets buy some land, move into my grandparents house while I build us a pole barn to live in, and then one day we can build our dream home.” Now you can only imagine the looks I gave him, he couldn’t be serious. Oh but he was and he didn’t give up until I finally said yes.

So off we went, after selling our house, we moved into his grandparent’s house, which happen to be next door to his parents, right smack dab in the middle of town. We bought a little over 50 acres and Michael started building what we call “The Barn”. The Barn consists of a pole barn with wood beams and metal trusses all wrapped in red tin and white trim, with two overhangs. I knew when we built our dream home one day that I didn’t want the pole barn to look like an awkward building in the back yard. So I thought lets make it look like a barn, fake hayloft and all. Oh but wait I have left out one major problem and yes to me it was or could had been a major problem. Michael wanted to finish out the inside of the barn with his own two hands…..WHAT IN THE WORLD??!!! NO NO NO, are you crazy I thought? In case if you are wondering he is crazy, but the good kind of crazy. You see this man of mine had never built anything in his life, expect a small shed in the backyard of his parents house and to be honest I think his dad did most of the work. He didn’t even own a hammer but he thought he would just watch some YouTube videos on framing and that would be good enough. Well I am here to tell you after those YouTube videos, some prayers, tears, laughter and a whole lot of hard work; we had ourselves not a barn but a home. However we still think it’s kind of cute to call it The Barn. Let me clarify some things, Michael did not put up the actual building itself, we had a work crew do that for us, but Michael with a little help from his dad on some weekends, framed out and built the inside for us. He also had a hand in the plumbing and electricity to save a few bucks along the way. About two weeks before we were going to move in, I had a nervous breakdown; I had waited just about as long as I could wait. We hired a few more men to finish up some things for us and it was time to move out to the country. With help from both of our families we were finally getting ready to move.

This was the inside of the barn before Michael started framing.


Michael working on the framing.
Our little red barn….Home Sweet Home!!

I was hoping Michael was ready for this move. It’s not far from his hometown, but he grew up on concrete and I just didn’t know how he was going to take living out in the sticks, where I felt right at home. I grew up in the country, close to where the land we were about to make home, so I couldn’t be more excited. Michael bought himself a John Deere tractor, purchased a couple of yellow labs, oh and the Wrangler Jeans! I started to see a different side to him. I thought to myself, well maybe this is what he has been missing the whole time. And I was right…Yep, now Michael feels right at home in these sticks. He tells me all the time he is just making up for lost time.

The country boy in him was coming out!
Miss Daisy and Mr. Delta

Well one thing led to another and Michael found himself building us a new swing for our lean too and a coffee table from old pallets. He found interest in this new adventure and started building all kinds of things. He had a great idea to sell some of these builds at local craft shows. I couldn’t let him have all the fun so I decided to jump in as well and started playing around with hand poured soy candles. We took a liking to all this handmade stuff and especially all the time we got to spend together. After a few shows the orders started piling in, at this point it was hard for Michael to keep up with all the work and continue his fulltime job as sports director. God has been leading Michael on this journey and we can’t wait for more of the story to unfold.

Living room at the barn. The coffee table is one of the first things Michael ever built. 
Kitchen…I love the opening shelving and tin backsplash, but most of all I love that this place is simply a barn and you just can’t seem to hurt it.
The one and only bathroom.
Because our little red barn is pretty small, we made the ceilings in the living room and kitchen really high. At the highest peak it’s 17ft, making the kitchen and living room seem much larger than they really are. We used tin for our ceiling which creates a glare from the light and in return also makes the room appear bigger.
Small table and bench in the barn.

Truth be told I thought I had my life planned out, I had majored in Fashion and Retail Management and would had been fine living in a big city for the rest of my life, or so I thought. Michael’s whole life up until a couple of years ago had revolved around sports, he grew up playing all sports, played football in college and for the past 5 years was the sports director in our local town. Neither of us thought we would be where we are today but we have realized God’s plan is far beyond better than ours, and if we allow Him to direct our path, He will exceed all our dreams.

I can’t write a post about “us” and not include our sweet baby girl, she was born last year and bless her bones, she will also be along on this crazy ride. with us. Waverly Mae is her name but also goes by Wavey, Wavey Mae, Wavey Baby, Baby Waves or simply just Waves, I guess we couldn’t just pick one nickname.

Until next time,

from our barn to yours…