Every now and then we get asked what the “0323” is on our business cards and on our soy candle labels

I love when people notice this because it shows they pay attention to the little details. Sometimes those little details have a much bigger meaning than excepted. Colossians 3:23 is where this little detail comes from. Like a lot of things I feel like the Lord just put this Bible verse right in front of our eyes, before opening the general store.

Colossians 3:23 New International Version (NIV)

23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,

Since the Lord has called Michael into woodworking and us owning our small business I truly feel like we have put our entire souls into this business.  We work so hard and try to go above and beyond. I have always been told if you are going to do something then do it with all you have and all you got. Don’t ever halfway do it. I find this so fitting for our little family business because this is exactly what we do.

However on the flip side I have always said this business will not be the only thing that defines us. There are far too many other important things in life than to get caught up in our daily work. I don’t want to be so wrapped up in our work and business that we miss the whole meaning of life. I don’t want to be so glued to our jobs that we can’t see what is around us and we lose the meaning of our faith, family and friends.  I also believe we can use our every day work routines to grow His kingdom and spread His word.

I also love this verse because I have always been a people pleaser, I hate to admit it but I do like to make people happy. I hate when people are disappointed in me, I think this is just the human in me. However it’s not about trying to please everyone, it’s about trying to work for the Lord and do His will and purpose. Not everyone will understand what you are doing but if you are in the center of God’s will then it truly doesn’t matter if everyone or ANYONE agrees with you. I pray we stay on this path, instead of working and pleasing others, we focus on the Lord and what is pleasing in His eyes.

Just the other day I came across the Amplified Bible version, which I love.

So now you know, if you ever get one of our business cards or if you ever purchase a candle you will know the meaning behind 0323

From our barn to yours…




Easter Weekend

Easter Fun Day was a success thanks to all the parents and little ones coming out. I had prayed earlier that morning for a good day and I didn’t mean in sales but just all around good day, so thank you Lord for a sunny, warm, day that was filled with lots of smiles (some cries from little ones like my own who are not fans of the Easter bunny) and good company.

One of the things I love most about our little store is seeing our family, friends and neighbors all coming together. I love seeing people gather together in a laid back, stress free atmosphere and just hanging out. At one point I saw 4 babies in the store and 3 out of the 4  were getting fed their bottles, I absolutely love that we have friends/customers who feel this comfortable and want to chill in our store. This is exactly what we wanted when we opened, we want people to realize there is an importance in slowing down and taking time away from electronics and just being present in that exact moment.

Here are a few pictures from the Easter Fun Day, thank you all for sharing and posting, we loved getting to see how you enjoyed the day.

We enjoy events like these so much that we have already been discussing other ideas to gather together. We can’t wait to share them with you!

Until next time

From our barn to yours,


“Live Simple”

I never realized it but these two words speak so much truth to me these days. I never knew I would want to be the one to live a  simple life. Now I don’t mean to say simple and to say the purpose of our life has no big significant meaning. As a Christian I believe we where most defiantly put here for a purpose, to honor and serve our Lord and to share his word with others.  Fulfilling this  purpose is defiantly an honored life to live.

What I am talking about is living a life where everything doesn’t have to be a big show. A life where you don’t have to post every moment on social media. A life with quiet moments (my life could stand for a few more of  these) and no distractions. A life where all the little things mean the world to you and you see what truly counts. A life where you appreciate what you have and don’t take things for granted (this is something I have learned over a course of years). A life spent with your loved ones, not because you were forced but because you truly want to. A life where you stop and  really take in the moment, because it’s a moment you never want to forget. A life where you are in the present and not stuck in some electronic device.

Now I know this kind of life can be hard to obtain at certain times in our lives but over the past few years it has really hit me that I seek for a simple life. I never realized it until the past year or so. When I was younger I was ready for the next best thing, I couldn’t wait for a party or event to take place or to go on the next trip. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a fun trip but my most absolute favorite place is at home with my little family. We don’t have a big fancy house, in fact we live in a barn but it’s a place we call our home. In fact I love our barn, it’s simple but has so much character at the same time. I love a home you can actually “live” in, it’s not a place where we keep fine china (we actually don’t even own that stuff) it’s a place we can be relaxed in. It’s a place if the floor gets scratched or a piece of furniture gets a ding then we actually love it even more, we just say it adds character.  I have just come to realize I enjoy the simple things in life verses what I call the complicated.

If this is not the life you like to live then that’s A-OK, nothing wrong in that. That just means you and I are different. That’s what makes this world go around, other than the Lord himself!  However don’t let it stop you from taking a deep breath every now and then and enjoying the very moment you are in. Oh and one more thing, I have to tell myself a lot of times to take a deep breath!!

Until next time,

from our barn to yours….


*Thanks Clairmont Co for the reminder to” live simple”. Yes we do sell these signs in the general store, come see for yourself!

New Year.

Michael and I just got back from market and we absolutely can’t wait to show you all the awesome products we found. We picked up some leather good items, paper products, home decor and we even found a jewelry line. Everything is made here in the USA and we couldn’t be more proud of the artisans designing and creating these products. We will be posting pictures as things come in so be sure and be on the look out!

While at market we were able to discuss some exciting things for 2018 that we would like to bring to the general store. Sometimes so many ideas come to our minds that I get overwhelmed and think how in the wold can we accomplish all this, I mean it is just the two of us.  Then I am reminded of God’s direction and guidance. My prayer for this new adventure we started last year is to always follow the path God directs down and to be in the center of his will.  Another prayer is to have the courage and strength to remain in the center of his will, no matter how scary it may seem. God wants to get us out of our comfort zone in order for us to allow him into our lives so we will depend on him. After I am reminded of all this, I then feel calm again and just breathe! One day at a time.

I am anxious to be starting a new year at Raw Furniture Co. We absolutely can not thank all of our customers enough. Our expectations were blown out of the water for 2017, I can’t imagine what will come in 2018.

Until next time,

from our barn to yours…

Catching Up

World Wind…is about the only thing I can think of to describe the last two months! What am I talking about, its been like that for the past year, since our little one was born! Ha Seriously though, after opening the store it has been non stop ever since. We have loved all the support from our family, friends and our community. It has been overwhelming to say the least but we are so grateful for everything coming our way. Since my last post we had the official ribbon cutting and the grand opening for our little business. We love getting to do what we love and to be able to do this as a family is really the biggest blessing. We don’t know where this adventure will take us but we never want to look back and think “what if”.  Life is just too short to sit back and let time slip away. We want a life where everyday is cherished, spending time with family and putting your whole heart into something you love. This is what we strive to do each and every day. We hope to be around for many years but it’s like my husband always says, “when we are old and gray and sitting in our rockers we will either look back at this time and laugh or we will say this was the best decision we ever made.” I always love when he says that because the only thing I really hear is being old, gray and in our rockers! ha I just love getting to do life with Michael and he makes everything fun, no matter if we will still be making handcrafted pieces for you or doing something completely different. But enough of all that, let’s talk about what is coming soon to RAW FURNITURE CO.

SANTA!!!! Yes ma’am boys and girls, Santa Clause is coming to Raw for the First Annual Raw Family Christmas Day. #deckthebarn  We can’t wait to share all of these details with you but until then, be sure to mark your calendars for December 2nd, 10:00 – 3:00. The man in the big red suit will make his appearance and he is checking list!

4 Days

4 days…only 4 days until our grand opening weekend! WOW this is crazy, we have talked about this day for so long and it’s actually going to happen! We have been crazy busy these past few weeks with the soft opening, running the store, restocking  items for the store, celebrating Waverly Mae’s 1st birthday and baby dedication, and getting ready for the big party at the grand opening. WE CAN NOT WAIT!!!

We want everyone to come and visit and we hope we get to meet each and every one of you. Our friends, family and community have been so supportive and we have been overwhelmed with the turn out in just a short period of time.  We are truly looking forward to the big celebration this weekend. We love getting to know all of you and hearing stories about how you know one of our family members, or the churches you attend, or  maybe just your plans for the day etc. We feel it’s so important to stay connected with the community and that is exactly what we want to do.

So come see us this Friday and Saturday!

Friday 10:00am -6:00pm, Ribbon Cutting @ 12:00pm

Saturday 10:00am-3:00pm

We will be having a drawing for an early 1900’s church pew. We will go live on FB and Insta on Saturday 3:30pm to draw for the winner.

Here are the ways to enter for your chance to win.

Oh and did we mention you can enter more than once!!!

1. Like and share our post about the giveaway on Facebook.

2. Come to our Grand Opening either Friday, September 22 10:00am-6:00pm and/or Saturday, September 23 10:00am-3:00pm. Ribbon Cutting will be at 12:00 on Friday.

3. Spend $100 or more starting Thursday, September 7th  through Saturday, September 23rd.

We have a few other things in the works for this weekend and we can’t wait for them to unfold!! Looking forward to seeing you at the green barn, across from Academy Sports in Tupelo!

Until next time ….

from our barn to yours

We are getting close

We are having this little thing called a “soft opening” which is suppose to be a low key, non advertised, trial opening before the big grand opening. Any quirks or kinks that may come up will hopefully get worked out during this soft opening. So what do we do? Well, we invite everyone to the soft opening! ha If you ask us if we are ready we would tell you, absolutely not but we just feel led that it is time, ready or not! We know within time it will all come together but until we will just brew an extra pot of coffee each morning. So here are the details thus far….

Soft Opening 

Saturday, August 26th

10:00am – 3:00pm

Grand Opening 

Friday, Sept. 22nd 10:00am – 6:00pm,  Ribbon Cutting @ 12:00pm

Saturday, Sept. 23rd 10:00am – 3:00pm

With that being said we have been wayyyy busy these past few months getting everything ready. We have picked up a few more vendors which are all local and everything is handmade. We can’t wait to share their stories with you, which we think is the best part and makes the product even better. We just know you will fall in love with them like we have.

Oversized Initials from Clairmont in Laurel, MS
Home Sweet Farmhouse Tea Towel from Clairmont and Company in Laurel, MS
Our very own t-shirts! Feels like your favorite old t-shirt, you know the one you have worn over and over until its super soft and worn feeling! Yep this is exactly how this feels straight off the clothesline!
Rustic Metal Signs from our good friends at BlackBerry Bottom. in Ripley, MS.

Until next time,

From our barn to yours

Texas Trip

We just got back home from a relaxing trip to Texas to visit family. It was Waverly’s first time to meet some of her Texas fam,  it was close to 50 family members (my mother-in-laws family) who gathered at The Frio River in memory of my mother-in-law’s father, Robert Simmons.

We started the trip in Austin, staying with Michael’s aunt Sharon, and then made our way to Leakey. We drove for miles and miles, what seemed like to be in the middle of no where but, it was beautiful country and I loved the scenery. Once we arrived, it felt like I was 10 years old again, on a camping trip but, only 20 times better!!

Down in the Frio Canon

A crystal clear river ran through the backyard of the “farmhouse”, the name of the house we stayed in. Hills surrounded the valley, which made for a beautiful backdrop for coffee time on the screened in porch. Cell phone service was VERY limited but, if you ask me, this was probably one of my favorite things about the Frio Canon.

Each night all 50 something of us would gather at the community house or the “red house” they call it, for dinner and fun. Every night was a home cooked meal by a different family in our group. The food was wonderful but, the memories we made will forever be etched in our hearts!

All the crew at the Frio.
We even had a water fight!
Gunnar getting in on the fun.

We loaded up the car to head back to Austin on Monday morning, or so we thought. Gaga, who is my mother-in-law, planned a special trip to Waco, TX, to visit the Magnolia Market. After a few hours of driving I finally realized we were not headed to Austin, we were thrilled and it made the trip even more exciting.

Once in Waco, we visited the Market and made a stop by Harp Design before checking into our hotel. We had dinner with Michael’s aunt and uncle and then finally turned in for the night, but not before a dip in the pool.

The next day we made a few more stops in Waco before heading back to Austin and catching our flight back home. It was a wonderful trip and we hope it becomes a yearly vacation to visit all the aunts, uncles, and cousins in the “everything is bigger in Texas” state.

Until next time…


Our Summer

So a lot has happened since my last post., more renovations on the upcoming store, orders have been delivered, vacations are underway and our one toothed little person is now 10 months old!

Wow, where has the summer gone? When I hear my MIL and SIL talk about going back to school, it almost makes me want to cringe, even though, I don’t have children in school, I guess it just makes me realize summer is almost OVER! Our target “month” for the Raw store opening is August, therefore, I realize my little world will be okay again.  We haven’t set an exact date yet but our hope is August!

As far as renovations go, we have done a little painting on the inside, done some major cleaning, and we put up our store front sign! We still have a few more projects left at the store until its complete, but like Michael said, it’s starting to look more like a store.

Had to get rid of the bright blue and orange, see here for the before.

Big and Michael hanging our general store sign. Gaga, who is my awesome talented mother-in-law, painted on an old piece of barn wood that came straight from her parents land in Walnut, MS.
We love our store letters but what I love even more is the conversation on the front porch.


We also have been working on inventory, some new things I can’t wait for y’all to see in person. We also will be carrying some awesome local vendors, we are excited to bring their work to Tupelo. More on them to come.

Megan, also known as Mae Mae, also known as Michael’s litle sister, is pretty talented with a paint brush. This sign, along with many others will soon find their way to the store.
Gaga also has lots of hidden talents and she whipped these pillows up in no time. What can I say, there must be some talent in this little ole Gibson family. Now if it would only rub off on the daughter-in-law, then we would be in business.


Aside from business we have been gardening and enjoying fresh picked vegatables, chasing a little brown haired crawler who is getting faster by the minute, doctoring snake bitten dogs (Daisy is much better now) and enjoying vacations with all of our family members.

I have learned that I like playing in the dirt. This wasn’t always the case growing up. My mom has had a garden for as long as I can remember, I never had much to do with it but over the past few years my interest has grown! Literally! There is just something about farm to table, especially when it’s from your own.
Kinda blurry but this is just how we operate these days. Fast and blurry!


These were taken a few days ago, Wavey Mae’s first plane ride. Headed to meet about 50 members of Michael’s family in Texas! She was a champ, slept both flights.

Summer is one of my favorite seasons for lots of reasons but I must say I am pretty excited about the next Season to come.

Until next time…