Our Story…

Well, like most newly married couples our number one goal was to always buy things on sale and save money. Although, for some reason these two things rarely seemed to happen. You see my wife, Andrea, has always been the realist between the two of us, while I tend to be more of what people call a dreamer. At the end of the day we make a good team and even though I always tend to start off sentences with the words “what if”, she bites her lip and just listens to all the crazy ideas I come up with.

Michael, Andrea, and Waverly

One day I had one of these “what if” ideas to sell our house, move into my grandparents’ house and save some money for a few years. Then, we could buy some land in the country, build a pole barn, and live in it until we were able to build our dream home beside it. To me this made perfect sense but to explain it all to my wife wasn’t the easiest thing to do. With several (and I mean several) conversations she finally got tired of me talking about it and gave in to the idea. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I was going to be the one to build it… now this coming from a guy who didn’t even own a hammer. The most detailed thing I had ever built to date was a wooden cart in Cub Scouts that was mostly created by my dad! Ha… crazy I know! So, through a lot of prayer and YouTube videos I built our current “barndominium” that we live in today. It’s crazy how the Big Guy works through us. Reflecting back on my life and the experience of building my own house I learned that I wasn’t just building a roof over our heads to live in but instead I was being shown a different direction in which I would have NEVER gone had I not followed what He was telling me to do. Everything happens for a reason and even though we might not understand His plan we must trust in it, pray about it, “learn through YouTube videos”, and never look back.

The Barn

Soon after building the barn I began to build; gifts for birthdays, Christmas presents, or even things we needed around the barn. Basically, anything that could save us a penny I would attempt to build. Shoot, I even built the custom 6’ swing that currently hangs there today. Once a few people took notice of this I started getting orders. Then Raw Furniture Co. was born in the fall of 2015. We have been asked several times where the name “Raw” comes from, and honestly we feel like the name found us before we found it. Not only does the word describe the materials we work with but also relates to us and how green we are to all of this. My wife, aka The Planner, who I have always said married down, wanted to find her niche, and began making handmade soy candles to add to the home goods side. She has enjoyed helping with the business while staying home with our newest addition to the Gibson family, Miss Waverly Mae.

Miss Daisy and Mr. Delta

Each day that goes by I feel like we are learning something new, and enjoying the time we get to spend together while doing it. One thing that we love about each piece we create is no matter how many times we recreate it, there will never be one the exact same as the original. Our builds are truly one of a kind. That’s the neat thing about the raw materials we use, every piece has its own character, story, and charm. When I build something for the first time it then takes the name of the family or inspiration for which it was built. This not only helps when a customer refers to an original piece, we have built but enables us to share the meaning and story behind it. Andrea and I share having somewhat old souls, and enjoy creating something new from something old. This is just the next chapter in our crazy story and we appreciate you taking the time to let us share a small part of it. From our barn to yours…

Meet the Owners:

If you like somebody that can be described as easy going, ambitious, glass half full, can talk to anyone, dreamer, jokester, and fully bearded then this is your guy. When he isn’t working in the wood shop he is constantly trying to think of the next idea or project to tackle. Every day to Michael is a holiday and owning his own business is just another piece to the pie.

Andrea is a planner by fault but is the one who always makes sure things get done. She loves the little things in life, and it doesn’t take much to get her excited. She tries her best to keep Michael grounded but it’s quite the job. Michael has turned her into a DIYer and now she actually enjoys the perfectly imperfect. She is a homebody who loves spending time with their baby girl, Waverly Mae. Some of her loves besides her cute little family and their two yellow labs, Delta and Miss Daisy, are bubble baths, movie nights at home, a good book, making to-do lists, and anything warm and cozy. When she isn’t busy with all things RAW and organizing every inch of their “barn” she enjoys gardening, cooking, and living the simple life.


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